[VIDEO] Create & Verify ePay Account

The first step towards accepting payments online is to set up a Stripe account. Watch our video for more information, or scroll down for text instructions!

  1. From the menu to the left, click Accounting.
  2. Click Settings. The Site Level Settings page opens.
  3. In the Setup Stripe ePay to Accept Online Payments section, click Apply Now.
  4. Enter your phone number and your email address.
  5. Click Continue. Stripe will text or email a verification code to you.
  6. Once you receive the verification code, enter it. You must enter this code before you can continue the account creation process. If you do not receive a text, check that you entered your phone number correctly. You can also click Resend Code.
  7. Now, enter your legal name (first and last) and date of birth.
  8. Specify where to send funds (debit card or bank account).
  9. Depending on what you selected in Step 9, enter either your card number and expiration date, or your bank account number and routing number.
  10. Save your information.

Additional Information Requirements

Stripe may require additional information when setting up your account to comply with US law. This information may include basic details, such as a valid address or date of birth. They may also require information regarding what is referred to as Beneficial Owners of your businesses. Such owners can include the owner of your business, any executives, and any representatives. For details, see Stripe's Beneficial Owner and Direct Definitions.

Note: Stripe may also ask you for your social security number, tax ID number, and/or a photo ID. This information is used to verify your identity when creating your account. Stripe will never ask you to email this information—you can upload a copy of your driver's license or other form of acceptable identification directly into Stripe's secure dashboard.

Next Steps

Your Stripe account is now created. Your first electronic payment will take 7-10 days to deposit into your account. Stripe takes measures to verify your account during this preliminary elongated period. See Account Verification, below. 

After your first payment has deposited into your account, you can then expect for credit card payments to generally deposit into your account in three (3) business days, while ACH payments typically deposit into your account in four (4) business days.

Once you have created your stripe account, you are returned to KidKare. There are a few additional settings to confirm.

  1. Specify who pays the transaction fee: Provider (you) or Parent.
  2. Specify who pays the credit card processing fee: Provider (you) or Parent.
  3. Click Save.

Account Verification

Stripe will make two small deposits into your account. Once you receive these deposits:

  1. In KidKare, click Accounting from the menu to the left.
  2. Click Payment Settings.
  3. Select Bank Account.
  4. Click Verify.
  5. Enter the deposit amounts you received.

Note: You must verify your Stripe account to receive payments. You must still complete this step even if you have already started to receive payouts. If you do not verify your account within 10 days, you will stop receiving payouts.

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