[VIDEO] Work with eForms

The eForms page provides a central place for you to view enrollment status for all children in your care. Click here to download a printable checklist, and click here to download a printable startup guide. We also recommend you watch the video below. When you're ready, click a link below to jump to a specific topic in this article.

Filter the eForms Page

Note: Your food program sponsor must enable this feature.

  1. From the menu to the left, click eForms. The eForms page opens.
  2. Use the From and To boxes to select a date range to view.
    • To view forms from a specific date to the current date, select a date in the From box and leave the To box blank.
    • To view forms up to a specific date, leave the From box blank and select a date in the To box.
    • To view forms for a single day, select the same date in the From and To boxes.
  3. Click the Filter drop-down menu and select the form status to view. You can select multiple statuses, if needed.
  4. To filter to a specific child, click the Child Name box, and begin typing the child's name.
  5. You can sort information in ascending or descending order by the following columns:
    • Child ID
    • Child Name
    • Child Status
    • Invitation Status
    • Invitation Sent Date
    • Last Updated

Note: Some of the columns listed above may not display. To customize which columns display, click  and click each column to select it. You can also change the default sort options.

Resend Invitations

You can resend invitations to those parents who did not receive the initial email. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Click Resend Invitations to resend invitations to every child listed on the page. Click Yes at the confirmation prompt.
  • Click  on the row for the child to which to send an invitation. 

If the parent/guardian still does not receive the email, instruct them to check their spam/junk folders and confirm that you have the correct email address on-file. Click the link in the Child Name column to open a pop-up and enter/correct the parent/guardian's email address.

If the parent/guardian does not have an email address, you can open the form for them to complete onsite. See below.

Mark Forms as Manually Completed

If a parent completes a paper form and turns it in to you, click  on the appropriate row to mark that form as manually completed. You must then mail the completed and signed forms to your food program sponsor.

Cancel Invitations

You can cancel enrollment invitations, if needed. For example, a parent may decide to withdraw their child before completing the enrollment forms. To do so:

  1. Click  on the appropriate row. 
  2. Click Delete at the confirmation prompt.