Three-Year Record Keeping Requirements

Per USDA regulations, family child care providers must keep three (3) full fiscal years' worth of records in their homes. These records are meant to be available for state and federal reviewers. See the full memo for more information.

Depending on the way you keep your records, there are different ways to adhere to this regulation. 

Online Records with KidKare

KidKare stores records online and keeps them available for at least three (3) full years. Your providers can re-print menus, attendance and meal count information, and enrollment forms, as needed. Since the information is stored online, providers only need to print paper copies if you request them.

If you use eForms for enrollment, all enrollment and income eligibility forms are stored online. All signatures on these forms are digital (unless a manual form was used), so the provider does not need to print forms for parents to sign. However, providers do have the option to print enrollment and income eligibility forms upon request.

Providers who you terminate or who drop off your food program have access to KidKare for 60 days after their removal. In the unlikely event that these providers are visited for a State agency or USDA review, they can log in within this time period to print the necessary documentation. If necessary, temporary access can be reinstated for audit purposes.

Manual Forms

If you use manual forms, ensure that the ones you use are NCR. This provides a form copy for you and for your provider, and providers should retain a copy of all forms for their records. You may also choose to provide a binder to your providers for this purpose each year. This will give providers a place to store forms by year.

As this requirement is meant to detect irregularities between the sponsor and provider version of the same forms, make notes or highlight any changes you make to forms in your office (such as when correcting a mistake).

Should you discover missing forms during a home visit, you must provide copies of your version of the forms to the provider. They should also be advised of the USDA's record-keeping requirement. Contact your State agency for the appropriate actions to take when a provider has not kept paper records.

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