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eForms is an all-in-one enrollment process for the food program that eliminates paper forms for centers and your back-office. With this feature, you can send enrollment invitations directly to parents, track enrollment status, and approve and renew child enrollment with a single click

  1. Add a Signature to KidKare: Each form you approve and renew through eForms requires your signature. Before you approve and renew forms, add your signature to KidKare.
  2. Adjust eForms Settings: When you allow your centers to use eForms for enrollments, you can further customize the actions they can take. For example, you can specify that your centers must review and approve enrollments before forms are sent to you for final approval/renewal. These settings are located on the Settings page in KidKare.
  3. Enable Centers for eFormsGive centers access to the eForms feature. Centers remain enabled until you disable them.
  4. Send InvitationsSend invitations to parents/centers to update child enrollment forms. Use filters to select the centers/children to which to send invitations. Parents with an email address on file automatically receive an email that invites them to update child enrollment and/or income eligibility information online.
  5. CentersCenters can view a list of all sent invitations, which allows them to follow-up with parents, have parents update enrollments online using a device at the center, cancel invitations (if needed), or even fill out paper forms (centers can then mark the form as completed on-site). Depending on your settings, centers must approve each enrollment before sponsors can renew it.
  6. View Invitation StatusYou can see how many new enrollment forms and/or income eligibility forms have been completed, started (but not finished), canceled, and so on. The eForms feature provides an overview of all statuses across all centers who use the eForms feature.
  7. Approve & RenewOnce the enrollments are complete,  review them by comparing the old forms to the new forms.  You can also view parent signatures. Once you've reviewed the data, update the information in Minute Menu CX with the click of a button.

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