Adding Other Income

The Income page will automatically pull in any invoices that have been marked Paid as well as claims reimbursements (if you are on the Food Program), but you can also record any additional income you receive from spousal income, grants, side businesses, or any other streams for your financial records. To do so, click the + Add Income button from theInvoice Search page

  1. Date
    • The date you received this income
  2. Amount
    • The total of this income line item
  3. Status
    • Paid
    • Partially Paid
    • Pending
    • Pending Refund
    • Partial Refund
    • Refunded
  4. Category
    • Use to indicate the type of income received
    • You will see what ever you enter in a dropdown as an option to use when adding future line items
  5. Source
    • Who you received this income from
  6. Recurring
    • Yes
      • Select how frequently this Income should show up as a new line item
        • Weekly
        • Every Other Week
        • 2x Monthly
        • Monthly
        • Yearly
        • Custom
    • No
      • This line item will only be populated once
  7. Notes
  8. Save or Save & Add Next Income

Editing Other Income

Once you have saved a new line item you can always go back and edit it by clicking on the line item in the Income search page

  1.  Delete
    • Delete this line item
    • This action cannot be undone
  2. Recurring Income
    • To update future recurring income or stop recurring income from being added in the future select the line item then turn recurring Off