How to create a recurring invoice

Allow KidKare to save you time by automatically creating invoices for you! You create the first invoice and let KidKare do the rest! If you set up recurring invoices and ePay, parents will also have the option to use the Auto-Pay feature where the money is automatically drafted from their account to yours!

  • Go to Accounting > Invoices.
  • Tap the New Invoice button.
  • Place a check in the Make this recurring invoice? check box.
  • Repeat every. Choose how often you would like the invoices to be created. Options are:
    • ​Week
    • Every Other Week
    • Month
  • Recurring invoice start date. The invoice will be created at 11:00 A.M. (central standard time) on this day and time as often as you selected (either weekly, every other week, or monthly).
  • First billing period. These are the dates that service has/will be provided.
  • eMail Payer on Invoice Creation. Select whether or not you want the parent to receive the invoice via email by choosing Yes or No. 
  • Record all other required fields
  • Choose "Save for later" to save it as a draft.
  • Choose "Preview" to review the invoice before you officially create it.
  • On the Preview screen:
    • Choose "Back" to edit the invoice.
    • Choose "Create and Send" to create the invoice and email it to the "payer" (if the payer has an email address on file). 
  • Once the invoice is created it will change from "Draft" to "Unpaid" status.
  • Payments can only be recorded for invoices with an "Unpaid" or "Partially Paid" status. Payments cannot be recorded for invoices in "Draft" status.