Enroll New Children with eForms

You can use eForms to enter basic information about a child and then send an invitation to their parent/guardian to complete and sign the enrollment form. 

Note: Your food program sponsor must enable this feature.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Home.
  2. Click My Kids. The My Kids page opens.
  3. Click  and select Send eForms. The Enroll Child page opens.
  4. In the Child Details section, click the First Name and Last Name boxes and enter the child's first and last name.
  5. Click the Birth Date box and select the child's date of birth.
  6. Click the Enrollment Date box and select the child's enrollment start date.
  7. Click the Relation to Provider drop-down menu and select the child's relation to you. If the child is not related to you or your staff in some way, select Not Related/Day Care Child.
  8. Click the Payment Source drop-down menu and select Paid by County/State, Paid by Parent, or No Pay.
  9. In the Guardian Details section:
    • Click Existing to select an existing parent/guardian. Then, select the contact.
    • Click New to add a new parent/guardian and enter their information.
  10. If your are subscribed to the Accounting feature, click Payer to designate this parent/guardian as a payer for the child.
  11. Click Send Invitation.

Note: Click here to print an instruction sheet to hand out to parents. This sheet provides basic instructions for completing the enrollment process.