eForms Reports

The eForms Reports page allows you to retrieve, view, and print enrollment records. This includes both enrollment forms (EF) and income eligibility forms (IEF). Each form type is listed on a separate line.

Note: Your food program sponsor must enable this feature.

  1. From the menu to the left, click eForms Reports.
  2. In the Show Records For section, set filters for the forms to retrieve.
    1. Click the first drop-down menu and select Enrollment or Re Enrollment.
    2. Click the second drop-down menu and select EF, IEF, or All Forms Types.
    3. Click the third drop-down menu and select Current Year, Previous Year, or Custom Date. If you select Custom Date, use the From and To boxes to set the date range to view.
    4. Click Run. The records meeting the limits you set display.
  3. Set additional filters/sorts, as needed.
    • Click the Child Name box in the table and begin typing to search for a particular child.
    • Click  in the top-right corner and select First Name or Last Name to sort by first or last name.
    • Click the Child Name column or the Last Updated column to sort records in ascending or descending order.
  4. To view individual forms for a particular record, click View Form on the appropriate row. A PDF downloads.
  5. To view multiple forms together:
    • Check the box next to the records to view.
    • Click Combine & Print Forms. A combined PDF downloads.