Enroll a Child

When you enroll children manually, you provide all child details required for enrollment. Once you save this informality, the child is added as Pending. Your sponsor must activate these children once appropriate documentation is received.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Home.
  2. Click My Kids.
  3. Click  and select Add Manually.
  4. In the Name section, enter the child's first, middle, and last name. You must enter at least a first and last name.
  5. In the Birth Date section, enter the child's birth date. You can also click  to select the date from a calendar.
  6. In the Enrollment Date section:
    1. Select the child's enrollment date. You can also click  to select the date from a calendar.
    2. Check the Participates in CACFP box. This box is checked by default.
    3. Click the Payment Source drop-down menu and select Paid by County/State, Paid by Parent, or No Pay.
  7. In the Child Details section:
    1. Select the child's race and ethnicity.
    2. Click the Relation to Provider drop-down menu and select Not Related/Day Care Child, Own Child, Provider's Foster Child, Related Non-Resident, or Helper's Child.
    3. Select the child's gender.
    4. Check the following boxes, if they apply to this child:
      • Special Needs
      • Special Diet
      • Child of a Migrant Worker
  8. Click Next. The Primary Guardian page opens.
  9. Add a primary guardian.
    • Click Existing to select an existing parent/guardian. Then, select the contact.
    • Click New to add a new parent/guardian and enter their information.
  10. Click Next. The final enrollment page opens.
  11. In the Days in Care section, select the days and times the child is typically in care.
    1. Select the days and in and out times. When entering times, you can click  to select the time with arrows.
      Note: Once you set the in and out times for the first day of the week, KidKare automatically sets those times for each following day you select.
    2. Click  next to Will Pick Up and Drop Off Times Vary if the child's in/out times vary each day.
    3. Click  next to Will Days Vary From Week to Week if the child's days in care may vary each week.
  12. In the Participating Meals section, click each meal in which the child participates.
  13. In the School section, enter the child's school information, if applicable.
    1. Click the Type/Level drop-down menu and select the child's school level.
    2. Click the Depart and Return boxes and enter the child's school hours.
    3. Click the Name box and enter the name of the school.
  14. Click Enroll Child or Enroll and Print. The Child Information page opens and displays the child's enrollment information. Your food program sponsor must now activate the child's enrollment.