W-10 and other reports with mismatched invoice totals

You may notice that the totals on the W-10 report are higher than the totals you see on your invoices screen. There are two scenarios that may cause this difference.

Scenario 1: You have invoices that have been deleted; however, these invoices still have payments attached to them.


  1. Locate deleted invoices that have a settlement date.
  2. Click on the invoice line for an invoice
  3. Click “More”
  4. Click “Restore Invoice”
  5. Click “Yes”
  6. Click “More”
  7. Click “Delete Payments”
  8. Click “Yes”
  9. Click “More”
  10. Click “Delete Invoice”

Scenario 2: You have an invoice that is dated in a previous year, where a payment was recorded in the tax year. If a payment was genuinely made in the current tax year, you will need to leave the payment applied to that invoice. If this was done by mistake, you will need to delete the payments, and re-add the payment with the corrected date to the invoice.