Logging between Parachute and Food Program

Now that you have a Parachute account you will see a different screen once you login. From here you can either navigate to view your Food Program account and features or navigate directly to Parachute. 


If you have a KidKare account through your Food Program Sponsor:

  1. Click the Food Program button to view your KidKare Food Program account
    • The left hand navigation panel will now be green, but otherwise all of your features are the same
  2. To navigate to Parachute click the Food Program button in the upper left hand corner, then click the Parachute button in the dropdown
    • ‚Äč‚ÄčThis is also where you will now log out 

If you only have an Accounting or Parachute Subscription: 

  1. Click the Parachute button to view your Parachute account
  2. To manually add menus or update internal calendars click the Parachute in the upper left hand corner, then select Food Program in the dropdown
    • This is also where you can logout