Sponsor Claims Reports

The following Claims reports are available. This list is not comprehensive.

  • Claims List Export: This is a CSV list of claims and claim details.
  • Rate Summary: This report summarizes F/R/P rates for your centers. It also includes child enrollment numbers based on child rosters in effect as of he date the blended rates were calculated for each center.
  • 12 Month Claims Summary: This report summarizes claim reimbursements for a selected year.
  • Office Error Report: This report provides a quick claim overview and lists specific errors that occurred when processing the claim. This report also prints after you process claims. For detailed information about the errors that may appear on this report, see Error Codes.
  • Center Error Letter: This report provides a quick claim overview and lists certain errors that occurred wen processing claims for a specific center.
  • Monthly Milk Audit Summary: This report summarizes milk totals entered via the Milk Audit feature. You can print this report as a PDF, or you can export it to a spreadsheet file.
  • Claims Roster: This report lists children, enrollment information, FRP status, basis, and so on.

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