About Accounting Reports

KidKare Accounting comes with several reports. To print them:

  1. From the menu to the left, click Reports. The Reports page opens.
  2. Click the Select a Category drop-down menu, and select Accounting Reports.
  3. Click the Select a Report drop-down menu and select the report to print.

The following reports are available:

  • Actual Food Expenses: This report lists any expenses you've recorded under the Actual Food Expenses category on the Expenses page. It includes the date, expense category, paid to, total amount, and business use percentage. Use this report to calculate your actual business food expenses instead of using the standard meal allowance rate.
  • Depreciation Worksheet: This worksheet is for all of your Form 4562 depreciated expenses. Form 4562 is an IRS tax form used to claim deductions or amortization of a piece of property.  This worksheet will include depreciation information for your Home, as entered under the Home category on the Expenses page. This worksheet will also include vehicles you have entered in Expenses.
  • Form 8829 Detailed Expenses: This report is for your house-related expenses. It includes taxes and totals. Use this form to figure the allowable expenses for your home on Schedule C.
  • Form 8829 House Worksheet: This report is for your house-related expenses. It is the same report as Form 8829 Detailed Expenses, but does not contain the same level of detail. Use this form to figure the allowable expenses for your home on Schedule C.
  • Form W-10: This report lists the total amount of payments a Payer has made for children in your care. This provides Payers with your correct name, address, and TIN. Payers do not file this form on their taxes. Instead, they use it when filing Form 1040 or Form 1040SR. Some Payers may also need this information if receive benefits under their employer's dependent care plan.
  • Form W-10 (Blank): This report is a blank version of Form W-10.
  • Other Income: This report includes other income sources, such as donations, registration fees, or any other income generated outside of regular childcare payments. You record this information in the Other Income tab on the Expenses page.
  • Schedule C Detailed Expenses: This report includes all recorded expenses that are not house expenses. This includes advertising costs, office expenses, activity expenses, and so on. Use this report when filing Form 1040.
  • Schedule C Worksheet: This is the same report as Schedule C Detailed Expenses, but does not contain the same level of details. Use this report when filing Form 1040.
  • Standard Meal Allowance: This report totals all of the meals you recorded in the program and multiplies it by the IRS meal rate. Compare this report with the Actual Food Expense report to see which one gives you a higher deduction.
  • Statement of Account: This report lists the parent/guardian's current unpaid and paid invoices, any payments made, and any relevant notes. It also includes the total billed, total paid, and total account balance.
  • Statement of Itemized Payments: This report lists all payments you have received on invoices for a selected time frame. For example, you can print this report monthly. Each payment is listed on a separate line and includes the invoice number, payment method, invoice total, payment total, and so on. The sum of all payment totals is also included.
  • Time/Space - Hours Children are Present: This report lists the hours children were present for a specific year, as input in the Children Present Hours tab on the Expenses page.
  • Time/Space Calculation: This report provides your time/space percentage as calculated by KidKare. It uses values you enter in the Time/Space tab on the Expenses page.
  • Vehicle Deduction Comparison: This report provides you with a comparison of vehicle deduction using the the Standard Mileage Rate method and the Actual Vehicle Expenses method.
  • Vehicle Mileage: This report lists the mileage you recorded in the Mileage tab on the Expenses page. It is divided by vehicle and includes the date, origin, destination, purpose, and mileage for each trip, as well as the rate of depreciation. Totals for mileage and depreciation are also included.
  • ePay Settlement Report: This report lists payments made through ePay. It includes the payment status, invoice number, billed to, payment date, invoice amount, and payment amount.

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