Message Centers in KidKare

KidKare's messaging feature allows you to send messages directly to your centers in KidKare. Your sites can then review and respond to these messages, allowing both of you to keep a record of communications online.

  1. Click . The Messages page opens to the Received tab by default.
  2. Click Send Message. The Message Editor opens.
  3. Click the Send To drop-down menu and select the center(s) to message. You can use the Search box in this menu to search for specific centers. To message all centers, select All Centers
  4. Click the Subject box and enter a subject for this message.
  5. Click the Message box and enter the contents of your message.
  6. To add an attachment to your message:
    1. Click Add Attachment and select File.
    2. Browse to the location on your computer where the attachment is stored.
  7. Click the Signature box and enter your email signature.
  8. When finished, click Send.

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