[VIDEO] Import Attendance Data

Prior to completing these steps, make sure all paper Weekly Attendance & Meal Count sheets have been scanned to your computer using the correct Scanner Settings.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Import.
  2. Click Import Attendance Data.
  3. Click the blue box that says Browse files to import.
  4. Select one or multiple files that have been scanned to import into KidKare.
  5. Once the files selected show up on this screen, click Import.
  6. ​Files will show as validated or failed. 
    1. Validated files are uploaded successfully and now reflect on your Meals & Attendance screen and in reports.  No further action required.
    2. Failed files should be reviewed, fixed, re-scanned, and re-uploaded. Click on Error List to view error details.  You can fix some errors from the Error List, or you may need to re-scan for a better image. 
      1. Check scanner settings to ensure the document meets all scanning requirements.
      2. Check to ensure the centers completed the forms correctly and there are not abstract marks, tears, etc.  Review how to fill out forms correctly

Completed Import Sheet Sample - No Errors

Completed Import Sheet Sample - With Errors

Error 1: Top right corner is torn.  All four corners should be visible on the image.

Error 2: There should be no marks on the page outside of Meals and Attendance boxes and there should be no color.

Error 3, 4, & 5: These are examples of incorrect ways to mark Meals and Attendance.  Must be a solid "X" and be contained in the box that is marked. No check marks, slashes, or over sized X's that bleed into other boxes.

Error 6: No handwritten notes, marks, or comments should be on this page.

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