Record Invoice Payments

When a Payer makes a cash or check payment, you can record it as a payment on unpaid or partially paid invoices.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Accounting.
  2. Click Invoices. The Invoices page opens.
  3. Click the invoice to pay. The invoice detail displays.
  4. Click accting_pay_inv.PNG at the top of the page. The payment details display.
  5. Select Cash or Check. If you select Cash, go to Step 8.
  6. Click the Check # box and enter the check number.
  7. Click the Amount box and enter the payment amount. This box defaults to the total due on the invoice.
  8. Click the Payment Date box and enter the date you received payment. This box defaults to today's date.
  9. Click the Notes box and enter any notes about this payment.
  10. Check the Send Payment Receipt box to send a receipt to the parent's email address, if available. This box is checked by default.
  11. When finished, click Record Payment.