[VIDEO] Set Up Siblings in KidKare

Before you can add multiple children to a single invoice, those children must have the same parent marked as a Payer on their profile.  Children with the same Payer will populate the secondary Select Child drop-down menu when you’re creating an invoice and select Add Child.

Setting Up Siblings in KidKare

To  set up siblings in KidKare using an existing contact:

  1. From the My Kids page, select the child to update.
  2. Click Edit in the Primary Guardian section.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Mark the correct parent as a Payer. If both parents are Payers, ensure that the payer percentages match for both profiles. For example, if Child A has Payer 1 paying 60% and Payer 2 paying 40%, Child B must also have Payer 1 paying 60% and Payer 2 paying 40%.
    • Add another contact—existing or new—and mark them as a Payer to match the sibling's information.
    • Update Payer information to much the sibling's profile.
  4. When finished, click Update.