Adding a bank account to KidKare allows you to set up one-time or recurring payments. This authorizes your bank to quickly send money from your account to pay your invoices, eliminating the need for paper checks and cash payments.

This article answers several common questions surrounding ACH payments.

What is ACH?

ACH is a network that coordinates electronic payments made via a checking or savings account instead of a credit card.

Why Use ACH?

Fees charged by payment processors are generally less when using ACH than they are when using debit or credit cards. Paying your invoices by ACH can save you some money.

How do I Set Up a Checking or Savings Account for Use with ACH?

From the menu to the left, click Payment Settings and select Bank Account. Then, follow the on-screen prompts. For more detailed instructions, see Update Your Bank Account.

Note that setting up a bank account for ACH is a multi-day process, because government rules require that we verify ownership and control of the bank account in question. Our payment processor (Stripe) does this by making two small deposits, known as micro-deposits, into your bank account. These micro-deposits will show in your bank account in several days, and they will be annotated with the word AMNTS. Once you see these amounts in your bank account, return to KidKare to enter them and verify your account.

Can I Revoke my ACH Account?

Yes. To have KidKare stop using your ACH account, open a ticket with KidKare support.

How Many ACH Accounts Can I Have?

KidKare supports only one ACH account at a time. If you have already set up an ACH account but would like to switch to a different one, delete the original bank account and add the new account. The new bank account must go through the same verification process as the original account. For more information, see Delete a Bank Account.

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