Access, Record, and Print Immunization Records

If you subscribe to the accounting features of KidKare, you will also have access to recording immunization records for children.

To access, record and print a child's immunization records: 

  • Go to Home > My Kids.
  • Select a child.
  • The immunization records will be located in the box labeled "Immunization".
  • To record a date for an immunization:
    • Tap the green plus sign next to the specific vaccination you would like to record. 
    • Record the date and click Save
  • To delete an immunization date:
    • Tap the red minus sign next to the recorded vaccination date and tap Save
  • You can print the child information page by going to your computer settings and clicking Print. If you only want the immunization records, simply collapse the other boxes by clicking the arrows in the top right of each information box.