[VIDEO] Add Kids Manually

You can add children to KidKare manually. When you add a child via this method, you must input child details one-by one. Watch the video below, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Required Permissions: You must have the Child Enrollment permission enabled on your account to add children.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Kids.
  2. Click , and select Add Manually. The button will default to Add Manually the next time you access the View Kids page.
  3. In the Name section, enter the child's first, middle, and last name. You must enter at least a first and last name.
  4. In the Birth Date section, enter the child's birth date. You can also click  to select the date from a calendar.
  5. In the Enrollment Details section:
    1. Click the Classroom drop-down menu and select the classroom to which to assign the child you are enrolling. Select Unassigned to assign the child to a classroom later. You can also click  to add a new classroom.
    2. Click the Enrollment Date box and accept the default enrollment date (today's date), or change it. The Enrollment Expiration Date box populates automatically. It is set to one (1) year from the enrollment date you entered.
    3. Click the IEF Expiration Date box and enter the date on which the child's income eligibility expires. This field is optional.
  6. In the Child Details section, select the child's race, ethnicity, and gender. You must at least select a race and ethnicity.
  7. Click Next.
    • If you are enrolling a non-infant, the Primary Guardian page opens. Go to Step 10.
    • If you are enrolling an infant, the Infant Details page opens. Continue to Step 8.
  8. On the Infant Details page:
    1. Click the Formula Offered box and enter the name of the formula you offer to infants. The formula name you enter here will populate this box automatically for future infant enrollments. This box is required, unless the parent is providing formula/breast milk.
    2. If the parent is providing breast milk, click  next to Will the Parent Provide Breastmilk.
    3. If the parent is providing formula, click  next to Will the Parent Provider Formula. If you set this to Yes, you do not have to enter anything in the Formula Offered box. Enter the formula name in the corresponding Name box.
    4. If the parent is providing food, click  next to Will the Parent Provide Food.
    5. Click  next to Infant Form on File to indicate that you have a form on file for this infant. This option may not display for all centers and is dependent on your policy settings.
  9. Click Next. The Primary Guardian page opens.
  10. Add a primary guardian.
    • Click Existing to select an existing parent/guardian. Then, select the contact.
    • Click New to add a new parent/guardian and enter their information.
  11. Click Next. The final enrollment page opens.
  12. In the Days in Care section, select the days and times the child is typically in care.
    • Select the days and in and out times. When entering times, you can click the  to select the time with arrows.
    • Click the slider next to Will Pick Up and Drop Off Times Vary if the child's in/out times vary each day.
    • Click the slider next to Will Child Stay Overnight if the child will stay at your center overnight at any time.
  13. In the Participating Meals section, click each meal in which the child participates.
  14. In the CACFP Eligibility section:
    1. Select this child's reimbursement level: Free, Reduced, or Paid.
    2. Click the FRP Basis drop-down menu and select the determining factor of the child's reimbursement level.
    3. If this child qualifies as Free/Reduced under an federal assistance program (such as SNAP), click the Qualifying Program # box and enter the child's program number.
    4. Click  next to Is This Child the Dependent of a Migrant Worker if this child is a migrant worker's child.
  15. Click Enroll Child. The View Child page opens. You can now make changes to this child's information.

Tip: You can use eForms to enter minimal child information into KidKare and send an electronic form to parents/guardians to complete and sign.  For more information, see Adding Children Online.