Recalculate Claims

Before you submit your claim to the state, you can recalculate it to account for any manual changes made after initial claim calculation. For example, you may have corrected an error listed in the Claims Error List and need to calculate the claim again. 

Required Permissions: You must have the Claims permission enabled on your account to view and work with claims. Sponsored centers do not have access to this feature.

You can only re-calculate claims that you have not marked as submitted to the State. If you need to recalculate a claim that you marked as submitted, you must clear the submitted flag before proceeding.

  1. From the menu to the left, click Claims.
  2. Select List Claims.
  3. Click the claim to recalculate. The claim details open.
  4. Click  next to Would You Like to Calculate Blended Rates While Calculating to use blended rates while recalculating the claim. This option only displays if you are set to use split meal counts and blended meal rates.
    • This defaults to the selection you made on the previous month's claim. 
    • If this is your first claim in KidKare, it defaults to No.
  5. Click Recalculate. The claim is recalculated, and the Calculated Date in the Claim Status section is updated. Review the Claim Error List section to ensure that all errors are resolved.

Claim Error List

The Claim Error List section displays any disallowed and warned meals each time a claim is calculated or recalculated. Each error results in a Warning or Disallowed message. Errors that result in disallowance are deducted from the reimbursement. Warning notifications do not deduct from the reimbursement, but you should still research and correct the cause. To review a detailed list of all possible errors, go to the Claim Error Codes for Centers article. 

Note: You can filter the Claim Error List to a specific error type. To do so, click the Filters in the top-right corner and select the filter to apply to the Claim Error List. You can show Allow/Warn errors, Disallowed errors, or both errors.

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