Create an invoice

Quickly create and email invoices to parents. Make invoices recurring to save even more time. To create a new invoice:

  • Go to Accounting > Invoices.
  • Tap the New Invoice button.
  • Record all required fields.
  • Choose "Save for later" to save it as a draft.
  • Choose "Preview" to review the invoice before you officially create it.
  • On the Preview screen:
    • Choose "Back" to edit the invoice.
    • Choose "Create" to finalize the invoice. 
    • Choose "Create and Send" to create the invoice and email it to the "payer" (if the payer has an email address on file). 
  • Once the invoice is created it will change from "Draft" to "Unpaid" status.
  • Payments can only be recorded for invoices with an "Unpaid" or "Partially Paid" status. Payments cannot be recorded for invoices in "Draft" status. 

Invoices may be one of the following statuses:

  • Draft. An invoice that has been started but has not officially been "created" yet. Payments cannot be recorded for invoices in “draft” status. Once the invoice has been created it will change from "Draft" to "Unpaid" status.
  • Partially Paid. A payment has been recorded but the invoice has not been paid in full.
  • Unpaid. No payments have been recorded for the invoice.
  • Paid. The total amount of the invoice has been recorded as received.
  • Deleted. You cannot accept payment for deleted invoices. Deleted invoices are still viewable and can be restored if needed.
  • Closed. Use this status if you have given up hope on receiving payment. Closed invoices will not show on your list of unpaid invoices. The balance due will show $0.00 even though you have not received payment.