Clear Sample Data

Note: This article pertains to new independent centers only.

We provide sample data for new KidKare Food Program subscribers so you can explore KidKare Food Program without worrying about affecting your actual data. This includes sample children, menus, menu templates, attendance & meal counts, receipts, and vendors.

Clear this data once you are ready to begin using KidKare Food Program for your business.

  1. Log in to KidKare. A message stating that you are currently working with sample data displays at the top of the Kids page.
  2. Click Clear Sample Data. The Clear Sample Data pop-up opens.
  3. Click Clear Sample Data or Clear All Data

If you choose to delete sample data, only the sample data you started with is removed. Any data you added while using KidKare Food Program will be retained. If you clear all data, both the sample data an the data you entered are cleared.

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