Applying credits to new invoices

When a parent pays more than they were invoiced for, a credit will be created on their account. You can apply the credit to their next invoice. To create a new invoice and use an account credit:

  • Go to Accounting > Invoices.
  • Hit the New Invoice button.
  • Select the billing period and invoice date.
  • Select a child.
  • Notice that if a credit exists, an option will appear that allows you to choose whether or not to apply this credit.
    • By default, the credit will be applied.
    • If you do not want to use the credit, you must switch the slider to "no" by clicking or tapping it.
    • For recurring invoices, if you choose yes, any credits will always automatically be applied to the next invoice. 
  • Enter your normal billing rate and rate type (same as you would if they did not have a credit).
  • Hit the Preview button.
  • The preview screen will show the invoice total, minus any credits/payments, and the balance due.
  • You can either Create and Send or Create the invoice (depending if you want to email the invoice to the payer or not) or hit Back to make changes.

Please note: If a credit was used when creating a new invoice, the invoice will be created as a Partially Paid invoice (instead of just an Unpaid invoice). From the main invoices screen, make sure you are filtering the screen to include Partially Paid invoices in order to view invoices that have a credit applied.