How to invoice withdrawn children

Quickly create and email invoices to parents. Make invoices recurring to save even more time. To create a new invoice that includes a withdrawn child:

  • Go to Accounting > Invoices
  • Tap the New Invoice button
  • Enter the billing period (dates service has/will be provided)
  • Enter the invoice date (date invoice is created)
  • Change "Include withdrawn children? to "Yes"
  • Select the withdrawn child from the dropdown box
  • Record all other required fields
  • Choose "Save for later" to save it as a draft
  • Choose "Preview" to review the invoice before you officially create it
  • On the Preview screen:
    • Choose "Back" to edit the invoice.
    • Choose "Create" or "Create and Send" to create the invoice and email it to the "payer" (if the payer has an email address on file). 
  • Once the invoice is created it will change from "Draft" to "Unpaid" status.
  • Payments can only be recorded for invoices with an "Unpaid" or "Partially Paid" status. Payments cannot be recorded for invoices in "Draft" status.