Initial Setup Needed for Accounting

There is some setup required for KidKare Accounting. You must do the following:

  1. Designate Payers: Before you can create an invoice for a child, you must designate at least one of their parents/guardians as a Payer of invoices. For more information, see Designate Payers for Invoices.
  2. Create Parent Accounts (Optional): Create parent accounts  that allow parents to log in to KidKare and view their invoices. However, parents cannot pay invoices in their account unless you apply for ePay and approve parents to use it. For more information, see Creating KidKare Accounts for Parents.
  3. Set Up ePay: ePay allows parents to pay their invoices online using their bank account or credit card. Note that approval for ePay can take 1-3 business days. Also, if you are using a Mac or other Apple device, we do not recommend you set up ePay in Safari. If you do so and get a blank page, try again on a different device or in a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome for this. For more information, see How to Apply for ePay.
  4. Enable ePay for Parents: If you're using ePay, enable the ePay User option for each parent.  You can only complete this step once you've already been approved for ePay. See How to Approve Parents for ePay for more information.
  5. Set Up ´╗┐Recurring Invoices: Set up recurring invoices once to save time on future invoices. Parents that use ePay and receive a recurring invoice can approve automatic payments after they receive their first invoice. See How to Create a Recurring Invoice for more information.