Initial setup needed for accounting

Some Initial Setup is Necessary to Use all of the Accounting Features

1. Designate Payers. Before an invoice can be created for a child, at least one of the parents or guardians must be designated as a "payer" of invoices. Learn how to designate payers here.

2. Create Parent Accounts. You can optionally create parent accounts that allow parents to login to KidKare to view their invoices. For more information about creating parent accounts click here. Parents will not be able to pay invoices in their account though, unless you apply for ePay and approve parents to use it.

3. ePay Setup. ePay is a feature that allows parents to pay their invoices online using a bank or credit card. To learn more about ePay click here. Approval for ePay could take 1 - 3 business days.  (Safari is NOT the best browser to use for ePay setup. When setting up ePay, if you get a blank screen please try setting up ePay on a different device or browser. Google Chrome works great for this.)

4. Recurring Invoices.  Save time by setting up invoices once and then let KidKare do the rest. Parents that use ePay and receive a recurring invoice can even approve automatic payments after they receive their first invoice. To learn how to setup recurring invoices click here.