Learn how to use KidKare accounting, including invoicing parents, entering expenses, calculating time/space %, and more!

Set Up Accounting

Ready to use Daycare Accounting? Learn how to subscribe and do the necessary setup to get you going.

Manage Invoices

Find out all there is to know about creating, managing, and emailing invoices for parents.

Record Payments

You've invoiced parents. Now what? Learn how to record parent payments here!

Manage Other Income

Other income is anything not already tracked via invoices. Learn how to record and track things such as grants, fees, reimbursement, and more!

Use ePay

ePay allows parents/guardians to pay their invoices electronically with a credit card, or with ACH. Learn how to sign up for ePay and begin accepting payments online!

Manage Expenses

Need a way to keep track of your expenses? Look no further! This category shows you how to manage and track food program expenses with KidKare Accounting.

Calculate Time-Space %

Your Time/Space percentage represents the proportion of your home that you use for business purposes. KidKare can help you calculate this figure, and this category can show you how!