Transfer Your Kids PRO Subscription

Your existing Kids PRO subscription will continue in KidKare, where you can continue using Accounting features, including:

  • Invoicing/Recurring Invoicing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Time-Space Percentage Calculation
  • Time-Space Percentage

Click here for pricing information. For a brief overview of the KidKare Accounting feature, see our article and video Welcome to KidKare Accounting.

Keep in mind that some features in PRO have not been added to KidKare yet, including: certificate making, daily reports, chart maker, and the resource center. However, KidKare is continuing to grow to address the needs of daycare providers and centers. You can also access KidKare on any Internet-connected device.

Data Migration

The data migration process transfers your data for the current year and the last two years. Before you begin, ensure you understand the following:

  • You must have an active subscription to Kids PRO to migrate your data.
  • Only data from the current year and the last two years will transfer.
  • Data migration only flows one way (Kids PRO to KidKare).
  • Data migration is only done once.
  • Some setup is required after data migration.

Note: If your Kids PRO subscription has already expired and you want your data to transfer to KidKare, renew your Kids PRO subscription first. Your data will not be transferred unless you renew your subscription before moving to KidKare.

To begin the migration process:

  1. Log in to using your current Kids PRO username and password.
  2. From the menu to the left, click Accounting
  3. Enter your credit card information for billing purposes. If you currently have a subscription, you will not be billed until your current subscription expires.
    Note: To see when your subscription ends and to view your next bill date in KidKare, click Home from the menu to the left and select My Site. This information is in the Subscription Details section.
  4. You are prompted to begin the data migration process. This process only takes a few minutes.

Set Up KidKare Accounting

Once you have signed up for KidKare Accounting and completed data migration, you must complete a few additional setup tasks before you can begin using KidKare Accounting. Click each link below for detailed instructions.

  1. Designate Payers for Invoices: All children must have at least one designated payer of invoices before you can create an invoice for them.
  2. Create KidKare Accounts for Parents (Optional): Create parent accounts to allow parents to log in to KidKare and view their invoices. If you use ePay, you can approve parents to pay invoices online.
  3. Create and Verify an ePay Account: Create an ePay account to allow parents to pay invoices online via bank account or credit car. We recommend you complete this process in Google Chrome. If you are using any Apple device, we strongly recommend using any browser other than Safari. Note that approval for ePay can take several business days.
  4. Approve Parents for ePay: Enable ePay for parents to allow them to pay their invoices online. You can only complete this step once you've already been approved for ePay.
  5. ´╗┐Create a Recurring Invoices: Set up recurring invoices once to save time on future invoices. Parents who use ePay can set up automatic payments for these recurring invoices.

Need More Help?

If you data does not migrate correctly, contact the KidKare Support team at You can also submit a ticket from this page. Click Submit a Ticket Here under the Can't Find an Answer Heading to the right.