What to Print After Account Deactivation

Your account has been deactivated by your Sponsor. You have 60 days from the removal date to submit claims and retrieve important food program data. After 60 days, your account will be transferred to an independent account, which will remove all access to your food program data. You will still be able to access your Accounting information once the transfer to an independent account is complete.

We highly recommend that you print the following reports before this deadline:

Claimed Foods and Attendance Report
Print this report for the past three (3) years for record-keeping purposes. The USDA requires that you keep three years of claim history in your possession at all times in case of audit. To print this report:

  • Log in to KidKare.
  • From the menu to the left, click Reports.
  • Select the Meals and Attendance category.
  • Select the Claimed Food and Attendance report.
  • Select a month.
  • Click Run. A PDF downloads.

Repeat these steps until you have printed three years of claimed food and attendance history. We recommend that you create a folder on your computer in which to store these PDF reports.

Tax Report
Print this report for the current year. Note that this report contains accurate information only if your Food Program Sponsor issues payments to you directly through their Minute Menu application and not a third-party vendor. Contact your current food Program Sponsor directly to see if this report is sufficient, or if they plan to send you a tax statement through another system.

To print this report:

  • Log in to KidKare.
  • From the menu to the left, click Reports. 
  • Select the Claim Statements category.
  • Select the Tax Report report.
  • Select the current year. 
  • Click Run. A PDF downloads.

Review this report for accuracy. If there are any discrepancies, contact your Food Program Sponsor. Minute Menu cannot assist with payment or claim processing issues.